Fashion Couples Zipper Shoes

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Fashion Coupons Zipper Shoes the uppers can be separated from the soles via a zipper. The primary reason for the design is fashion, as you can mix and match the uppers to your hearts content. Of course there is a practical side as well, as you can re-sole your favorite pair when they wear out. As long as you don't wear-out the zipper first changing the uppers every day.

  1. cotton-blend
  2. Various styles can be created with different uppers purchased. Both ventilate woven and low-cut shoes can be created.
  3. Natural rubber (over 80%) component provides flexibility. It's easily cleanable and hygienic.
  4. The product is as strong as to withstand the pulling strength of 80kg at zipper-closed condition. The zipper is easily opened and closed, making it easy to replace the upper.
  5. Change the upper every day of the week up to your choice.
  6. No more foot odor from canvas shoes!
  7. Fabric-and-Canvas
  8. Same Size Sole Can be changed different uppers
  9. Woven Surface and Canvas Upper
  10. Wear-resistant Anti-skid Rubber Sole
  11. EVA Breathable Insole
  12. High quality wicking insole, it has superior softness, and can effectively alleviate the fatigue of walking.

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