NXT Photochromic Lens Pro Cycling Glasses - Green

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Get your own pair of cycling sunglasses. With this pair of sunglasses you will be protected by the sun rays and wind. In this way you can fully enjoy your cycling activity, without worrying about damaging your eyes . Colored lenses created for modern men and women!

Included: 1 pair Sunglasses+1 pair Replace Frame+ 1 pieces EVA Box


  • NXT sunglasses is PPG's first Group subsidiary company in Dhaka,
  • PPG has inherited a number of patented technologies.
  • One is the "Note color technology", when injected into the production of the color of raw materials,
  • Let the color difference is minimized.
  • NXT lenses PC lenses impact strength than even 10 times,
  • Under normal use, the lens can protect life is not broken,
  • Is the only withstand external tortuous proof safety glasses in the current market.


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