Portable Water Bottle Bag (450 ML)

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Make sure everything is at its place before you start your bike adventure. One of the most important item is the water bottle. There's nothing more important than being hydrated during your riding session. That's why we are presenting this Polar Sports water bottle which is a must have for every bicycle rider.

Single product size: 26.5 * 13 * 3.2cm

Unit Weight: 37 g

Material: PE plastic


  • Bottle capacity measured about 450ml.
  • With the same color buckle hanging, convenient hanging in bags on the belt.
  • You can put in the refrigerator to use as cold packs. Note that this product does not apply
  • PACKED hot water; another lid must fit tightly pressed into place in order to achieve the effect of the seal does not leak!
  • BPA-free non-toxic material that can be used repeatedly assured.
  • Cleaning method: You can use detergent to clean. Hydration can be poured into a small amount of detergent behind, then poured into 1/2 water, cover the mouth, violently rocking, vibration, produce large amounts of foam, quiet place for a while; then shake, repeated several times, and finally water release. Then turn on the tap water filled, do not turn off the water and continue filling until the washing foam bag completely discharged, repeated several times.
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